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Getting Started with the Group Link web site

Welcome to the Group Link web site.

We realise that if you are not familiar with this site it may be somewhat daunting to navigate around it. Therefore we have put together some basic instructions on how to get around and what to do with all those buttons that you will see after you have submitted your application for membership.

1.  Fill out your membership application for either a corporate or non-corporate account.
Note that there are 2 buttons at the bottom of this page.
Save-Button If you have filled out your application, either partially or completely, but do not yet want to submit the information to us then click on "Save" to save your information for a later time.   Please remember that if you do this, then your application will not have yet been submitted to us for approval.
Submit-Button If you have filled out your application completely and are ready to submit it to us then click on "Submit".  Your application has now been sent to us for approval.  After approval you will be officially a member.
Clicking on either "Save" or "Submit" will take you to the main menu.
2.  The Main Menu
MyAccount Takes you to your account page where you can view your profile information, upload your KYC (Know Your Customer) form to us, set up your member listing by uploading your company bio; and change your email address and password.
Affiliates Lets you, as a member, add affiliates, either one at a time or several at a time.
MemberList Takes you to a listing of Group Link members where you can view either an abbreviated listing that consists of Group Link's original members plus the Enterprise members or a complete listing.
RequestAccess Facilitates a request for either an expense report application or to upload product information to Group Link's catalogue of products.
MembersCatalogue A catalogue of products and services available to you the member or affiliate at the lowest possible prices.
Applications Gives you access to Group Link's time management and expense report application.
Help Brings up a "help" document, in PDF format, that you can download for your convenience. This is a detailed document that will guide you through all the features of our web site.

You may want to print this page for future reference.